The BMW Intensive Driving Experience course is our first level course designed to provide a solid foundation in performance driving. The one day course simulates a number of different situations that may be encountered at touring speeds including unforeseen oversteer and understeer experiences, ideal driving lines and emergency braking.

Course times and catering


- 8.30am–5.00pm
- Morning Tea
- Lunch
- Afternoon tea
- Coffee, tea and drinks provided throughout the day

Course content


- Visually assisted lecture on safe driving techniques
- Expert tuition from the BMW Driving Experience team
- Steering technique and seating position
- Vehicle dynamics including ABS braking exercises on a wet tarmac
- Slalom exercise
- Ideal cornering lines
- Paced circuit laps



- BMW M125i Hatch
- BMW M235i Coupé
- BMW M4 Coupé, M2 Coupé or M3 Sedan

All cars are linked by a two-way radio so our Instructors can talk to participants through the different exercises.

Group size

24 participants (all participants must hold a full unrestricted drivers license)







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